A Moment of Thanks!

26 Mar 2020

At ANRF, we are well aware of the daily battles researchers and physicians face as they fight against numerous diseases and conditions. During this  difficult time in world history we would like to take a moment to give thanks to each and every individual who has used his or her skills and knowledge to ensure we will succeed and prosper against COVID-19. We would also like to offer some ideas to members of our community who want to join us in giving thanks.

The doctors, nurses, first responders and other healthcare workers have not relented. The tireless nature of their contribution can be seen in the numerous photographs showing drawn faces, indented from hours of wearing protective masks but set with a determination to keep going. Hours are spent away from their loved ones, taking care of our loved ones. Researchers and scientists are working long hours, collaborating with each other at a global scale to improve treatments and develop an effective vaccine. Take a moment to give thanks and show your appreciation. We may not all have the skills to do what they do but we can surely all offer our support – offer to do their grocery shopping along with yours, offer to take care of their children isolating them with yours, offer to deliver goods to their elderly parents, no gesture is too small and will surely be appreciated by our COVID-19 soldiers.

Essential service staff such as those in food production and sanitation have not had the same opportunity to shelter at home as many of us have embraced. We are only able to do so based on their sacrifice. They go to work for us, ensuring our basic needs are still met while we self-isolate so the least we can do is to follow the guideline we have been given to help ensure their safety. Ask your kids to make a card saying thank you, place it on top of your garbage cans for when your garbage collectors stop past. A small gesture of thanks can go a long way to making these individuals feel appreciated. Let those around you know you are grateful for all they are doing to help keep society functioning in these extraordinary circumstances.

On a more personal note, ANRF lauds the contributions made by our scientific advisory board (SAB) and reviewers who have come together and developed virtual methods to ensure our work can continue safely under difficult circumstances. One of our SAB members, Dr PJ Utz is a prime example of this. Not only has he been carrying out his ANRF duties; he is on the frontlines, dedicating himself, his students and his staff to researching strategies and treatments for COVID-19. It is the efforts of individuals such as this that will see us victorious in this fight. As we say frequently here at ANRF – together we can find a cure!

There is no doubt that this is a difficult and trying time for all humanity, but please do take a moment to thank and appreciate those that are determinedly, persistently putting themselves at risk to ensure the rest of us remain safe. A simple thank you might give someone dead on their feet from exhaustion the strength to keep pushing through. So do your part to help protect those protecting you: stay at home, limit the spread, and do what you can to support those doing everything they can.


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