Best Scissors for Arthritis, plus Scissor Life Hacks

In this video Cheryl shares her favorite scissors that help minimize thumb pain from arthritis, and explores how to cope with regular scissors if you must use them. This is an unsponsored review – Cheryl has no relationship to Fiskars other than as a consumer of their Easy Action Scissors!

This video covers:
1) (Minute 0:06) Introduction to topic

2) (Minute 0:40) Overview of how traditional scissors are operated and why that is hard for people with thumb arthritis.

3) (Minute 1:36) Exploration of Fiskars Easy Action scissors and why they are helpful for avoiding excess thumb strain while cutting.

4) (Minute 2:36) Life hack – workaround strategy for minimizing thumb pain if you need to use traditional scissors.

5) (Minute 3:37) General life hack principle.

6) (Minute 4:40) Blooper 🙂

Please read the medical disclaimer – this video is for general educational purposes and should not be used as a substitute for individualized, tailored medical care.

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