How to get the Most out of Physical Therapy for Arthritis and Chronic Pain

Physical therapist (PT) and clinic owner Bret Swigard chats with occupational therapist and rheumatoid arthritis patient Cheryl Crow about tips for getting the most out of physical therapy.

1) (Minute 0:07) – How to best prepare for an initial physical therapy evaluation (your first appointment).
2) (Minute 0:57) – How to best prepare for individual physical therapy appointments
3) (Minute 1:50) – Collaborate between sessions
4) (Minute 2:35) – Give your physical therapist specific feedback about how things are going
5) (Minute 3:21) – How to problem solve road blocks in your PT journey
6) (Minute 5:11) – Bloopers!
This is part 3 of a 4 part video interview series.You can see part 1 here: and part 2 here:

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