Life hacks for eye drops with arthritis and hand pain

In this video, rheumatoid arthritis patient and occupational therapist Cheryl Crow shares her techniques for putting in eye drops when you have hand arthritis or hand pain. This includes different techniques for squeezing eye drop bottles and single use vials. She explores and reviews two products that can make eye drops easier: Droppy and Auto Squeeze.

This is an unsponsored review – Cheryl has no relationship to the companies that make Droppy and Auto Squeeze.

1) (Minute 0:06) Introduction to topic
2) (Minute 1:16) Introduction to eye drop gadgets
3) (Minute 1:47) Auto Squeeze and Auto Drop: how do they work, product demonstration and Cheryl’s thoughts
4) (Minute 4:05) Droppy: how does it work, product demonstration and Cheryl’s thoughts
5) (Minute 7:38) Conclusions
6) (Minute 8:17) Bloopers!


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